I am a senior Art History and English Literature major at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia. My art historical career began as a child with regular visits to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia to see Portrait of Anne (1915) by George Wesley Bellows, my great grand-father. My love of books began when my father turned our family’s dining room into a library, and my love of literature began a camp counselor at Great Books Summer Program in Amherst, Massachusetts parsed the invocation of The Odyssey with me.

That’s how I describe my academic journey in an anecdotal nutshell.

For the other parts, here are some IAQs (imagined asked questions).

What are your favorite movies? With no qualifiers–1. The Graduate 2. Notorious 3. The Philadelphia Story 4. Bringing Up Baby 5. His Girl Friday. That’s right. In my top five favorite movies FOUR of them are Cary Grant movies. And I could make the case to myself that Charade could replace The Graduate. If I exclude Grant films, Bonnie and ClydeI Heart HuckabeesA Room with a View and The Godfather can be included.

What do you cry over when you drink too much? How much Jay-Z and Beyonce love each other. Also Kanye.

Celebrity crushes? Paul Giamatti, Victor Garber, Ryan Gosling (obviously I have a type.)

How do other people describe you? Precocious.

Dream sandwich? Pumpernickel bread, toasted, obvs. An sunny side egg. Goat cheese. Thin slices of pickled beets. Salt and pepper. And a club soda with lemon to drink.

You invite three people, living or dead, real or fictional, over for tea. Who are they? My great-grandmother, Emma Story Bellows. Claudia Kincaid. Katharine Hepburn.


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